Why MEsquad Will No Longer Participate in Black Friday: A Shift Towards Responsible Retailing

At MEsquad, we've always been committed to providing families with affordable and durable kids' glasses while maintaining ethical and sustainable practices. As part of our ongoing commitment to responsible retailing, we've made a conscious decision not to participate in Black Friday in the future. In this blog post, we'd like to share five compelling reasons behind this choice.

1. Promoting Responsible Consumerism
Black Friday often encourages excessive consumption and impulse buying. While it can be an excellent opportunity for consumers to find deals, it can also lead to overconsumption, contributing to waste and unnecessary purchases. We believe in mindful and purposeful shopping and want to encourage our customers to make informed choices rather than succumbing to the frenzy of discounts.

2. Focusing on Fair Pricing Year-Round
Participating in Black Friday can lead to a misconception that our regular prices are inflated. We strive to maintain fair and competitive pricing throughout the year. Hence, our customers always get the best value for their money. By avoiding the Black Friday rush, we can focus on offering consistent, affordable pricing every day.

3. Reducing the Cost of Advertising
Black Friday promotions is very expensive to advertise. The costs of running special promotions, marketing campaigns, and offering significant discounts add up quickly. By opting out of Black Friday, we can allocate these resources to improving our products and services, ultimately benefiting our customers in the long run.

4. Supporting Sustainable Practices
Black Friday often leads to increased product demand, which can strain supply chains and contribute to environmental issues. By not participating in Black Friday, we can reduce the pressure on our suppliers and logistics partners, helping us maintain a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to business.

5. Prioritizing Ethical Customer Service
Black Friday can be chaotic, with many retailers struggling to meet the demand. This can lead to customer service, shipping, and order processing delays. At MEsquad, we provide excellent service year-round. By avoiding the Black Friday rush, we can ensure that our customers continue to receive the high-quality support they deserve.

Our decision to not participate in Black Friday is rooted in our commitment to responsible retailing, fair pricing, sustainability, and excellent customer service. These principles better serve our customers and align with our core values. We encourage our customers to join us in making thoughtful and mindful shopping choices throughout the year rather than succumbing to the temporary frenzy of Black Friday.

Thank you for your continued support of MEsquad, where affordability, durability, and responsible retailing are at the heart of everything we do.