This little idea (sparked in March 2018) was meant to take a different direction.  We had working prototypes in November 2019, ready to take the world by storm at the next Optical tradeshow.  Then Covid happened. The world stopped.  The tradeshows were all cancelled.  Planes were parked.  Logistics became a nightmare (still is) and everything we thought about the future had suddenly changed.  What we gained was time and a clearer vision of our future.

We redesigned our prototypes, worked on our branding, solidified our relationships with our factories (over Zoom of course) and used our time, to re-think, re-strategize and re-imagine our future. We want to live in a world of hope and imagination, just like our kids.  We want our kids to actively create, visualize  with no limitations and be allowed to feel, think and be, whomever they want to be.

MEsquad is meant to do all that. It’s for all the boys that love pink, and the girls that play with cars.  It’s for all the kids who only love black or the ones who can’t decide what they like.  This is for our Squad.