Who We Are

The MEsquad team is a group of glasses-loving parents who know how hard it is to find a pair of glasses that not only fits and looks good, but also holds up to the pressures of the day-to-day “kid stress test.”

Our woman-owned, Canadian business also knows that kids want cool. So we made our glasses customizable from the ground up, letting kids select their own aesthetic and define their own look.

Because it’s this kind of autonomy that fosters playfulness and creativity now, and confidence and capability later. The mix-and-match, patented hinge on our glasses are one of a kind: remove and replace them with no tools and seconds of tutorial, and be ready for a fresh look in seconds. With hinges made of memory silicone, they’re as comfortable as they are adjustable.

The frames themselves are water-proof and playground-proof, designed with the type of insane toughness that kids require these days.

MEsquad glasses are also made to withstand the test of time, with glasses boasting anti scratch and anti-glare coatings that are automatically included in all of our lense packages.

Finally, we’re also proud to offer every style not just as corrective glasses but as sunglasses and blue-light filtering lenses as well. That way, everyone can get in on the fun.

Our Values


We believe that when we build something new, we also become something new. Every chance to be creative is an opportunity to grow and learn – not just for children but for parents, too.


Children should be empowered to discover who they are and decide for themselves how they choose to unveil their personality to the world. Our glasses give them the wiggle room so they can accomplish just that.


When we are open to experimentation and exploration, great things happen. Being open means making choices without fear of judgment and letting our children develop themselves without worrying about making the wrong choice.

Not sure where to start? Start with a shape and then add your pieces. Once you've designed it, use the virtual try-on tool to see what it looks like on. Easy-peasy!!