How To Stop Your Kids Glasses From Fogging Up

Let’s be honest, wearing a mask and glasses at the same time is challenging. Maybe they slowly slip down, or maybe they fog up. Well don’t worry, at MEsquad we have some solid solutions to help you and your child feel more comfortable with wearing glasses all day long.

When your glasses fog up, it’s a result of the condensation accumulated on the lenses. This can happen for several reasons, here are just two:

  1. A rapid change in temperature. Going from a cold winter’s day into a warm house can cause your glasses to look steamy almost immediately.
  2. The water droplets coming from your mouth have made their way to the lenses. Hey – it happens!

Don’t worry, there are a couple ways to prevent this. If you’re wearing a mask, and are finding that your glasses are constantly fogging up, try folding a piece of tissue and placing it right on the bridge of your nose. This will catch the water particles from your breath, and reduce the amount of moisture that makes its way to your glasses. Many folks who wear glasses for years even carry around anti-fog wipes, which can be found at a pharmacy or your optometrist’s office.

Another option is to wash the glasses with soapy water. Many dish soaps are used to remove oil from pots and pans, and they often leave a small amount of residue on the dish. Our suggestion is to do the same with your glasses. It’ll act as a clear coating on your lenses, and you’ll feel like you just did a science experiment. For a DIY recipe, click this link.

A cute young boy is sitting on a kids chair at a birthday party with balloons smiling wearing his mesquad kids glasses

All of our glasses come with a coating on them, this will help avoid the fog. We offer blue-light lenses that have anti-scratch and anti-glare already built in. Not only are they great for preserving your children’s eye health, but having any coating on the lenses helps reduce fog. How cool is that!

One final tip would be to add ear hooks to your child’s glasses. They are made from silicone that keeps the frames in place, and tightly secured. Whether they wear a strap or behind-the-ear circle, having the glasses firmly on your child’s head will keep them closer to their face, and in turn leave less room for the fog to get in. That, plus the other tips mentioned, you should be good to go!

To learn more about our blue-light filtering lenses, check out the article titled “The Importance of Blue-light Filtering Lenses.” To view our outstanding collection of customizable children’s glasses starting at $39.99, click this link.