Learn More About MEsquad Kids

Customizable Kids Glasses

Most children are told what to wear and how to wear it. We decided it’s time for kids to choose for themselves – and have fun in the process! With detachable frame fronts and arms, the possibilities are endless.


Why We're Different 

At MEsquad Kids we thought outside the box and designed an innovative hinge that allows kids to design a unique frame using no tools – just their imagination. Our products are water-proof, school-proof, and ball-in-the-face proof. They say our glasses are so tough, even superheroes wear them.


Easy To Shop

Our intuitive website provides kids the ability to mix and match the pieces needed, and to virtually try on their design before purchasing. From the Build Your Own feature to pre-constructed frames, kids have endless options when picking out their perfect pair of glasses.


The Process

To design your own frame, simply go to the top menu and click on "Design Your Own." Choose the shape you like, then pick the pieces that will make up your frame. Once completed, click "Try on your design" and your child will be able to see the frame virtually before buying.

Once your child has decided on their frame, the prescription is entered and it will arrive at your doorstep within 2 weeks...all for under $99.


The Bling

Self expression is the most important thing when growing up, so let us help! With one-of-a-kind designs, every pair of glasses can be your own way of telling the world just how unique you are.

From charms to sunglasses, we'll help you create your own personal style.