Nearly-indestructible, durable and affordable glasses for kids

MEsquad’s kids' prescription glasses are of the highest quality and long-lasting. Our glasses will save you hundreds of dollars by not buying pricey designer spectacles that are prone to damage! Sporty, energetic kids will love MEsquad's nearly- unbreakable kid’s glasses. Read on why it is the preferable brand choice for kid’s eyewear.


The most crucial component is this! We anticipate children will treat their glasses roughly, trying to strain or throw them around.  Our glasses are resilient and built for kids with robust lives.

Our indestructible hinge is made of a memory silicon that is strong and helps to maintain the shape.  All the adjustments for a perfect fit are done at the hinge. If the arms get bent out of shape, the hinge can be manipulated so that the arms go back to where they were. This material is pretty darn special in optometry and unique and we are proud that we’re the first to use it this way.

Durable frames

MEsquad glasses are well-designed and very sturdy without any metal components that offer kids a reliable and safe visual support system. They are light enough so that kids don't feel the weight on their nose bridge, yet thick enough to be sturdy.


Most kids are rough and careless with their glasses. Therefore most of the glasses break at the hinge point. The memory silicon frame is unbreakable and easily restores its shape. You can also customize your kids glasses by switching out the hinge and/or arms.  This is the part that kids love the most.  A frame for everyday of the week.  The opportunity to match their outfits will be a hit with your kids!

Our lenses

All of our lenses are shatter-proof and include anti-reflective coatings and are resistant to scratches.  This ensures safety for kids and reliability and durability that is needed for the lifestyle of all children.  As a parent, nothing is more frustrating than spending a lot of money on buying your kid a beautiful pair of glasses and having them scratched the next day.  Our lenses have the added coating that makes them less resistant to scratching.


MEsquad glasses are trendy and make your child look cool, but also they are nearly-indestructible, durable and affordable. Most kids' glasses often break at a hinge. Parents often worry about their kids' glasses as kids are careless when playing. What’s more satisfying than watching your kid reshape his glasses when they lose adjustments and are carefree while playing? We thought of all of that as we are parents as well. So check out our frames and please email us if you have any questions.