How to Choose the Perfect Pair of MEsquad Kids Glasses: A Guide to Customizable Frames

Are you searching for the perfect pair of glasses for your little one? Look no further than MEsquad Kids glasses! With a wide range of designs and customization options, your child can have a unique and stylish pair of glasses that truly reflect their personality. This guide walks you through choosing the perfect MEsquad frames for your child. Remember, it's essential to let your kids design their structures, regardless of your preferences, as it allows them to take ownership and proudly wear their creations.

Embrace Customization:

  • MEsquad offers customizable frames that can be built according to your child's preferences.
  • Head to the Design Your Own tab under the Shop Glasses menu to begin the customization journey.
  • Let your child pick the shape and color/design of the front frame, allowing them to express their unique style.
Play with Hinges:
  • Hinges are the silicone pieces that connect the front frame to the arms.
  • Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to add a pop of personality.
  • Remember, hinges can be used on either side of the frame, so ensure your child selects a color they love.
Get Creative with Temples:
  • The left and right arms, also known as Temples, offer another opportunity for creativity.
  • Let your child explore their imagination by selecting a color or design that speaks to them.
  • Please encourage them to express themselves, whether they prefer Army Pink or have a flair for graffiti-inspired patterns.
Mix and Match:
  • MEsquad allows your child to have different colors for the hinges and temples on each side.
  • Please encourage them to have fun with the process and explore various combinations.
  • Remember, perfection is not the goal; what matters is that the frames are loved by your child.
Consider Accessories:
  • Look at the range of accessories offered by MEsquad to enhance the glasses.
  • Charms can add some extra bling, while ear hooks provide additional support for keeping the glasses in place.
  • If your child can't decide on just two temples, consider adding extra ones for daily swapping.
Prescription and Blue-light Lenses:
  • Once the frames are built online, ensure a perfect fit by adding your child's prescription.
  • If blue-light lenses are what you're looking for, select the appropriate option.
  • Take advantage of the insurance plan offered to protect your frames and lenses from accidental damage.
Placing the Order and Assembly:
  • After making all the final decisions, place your order and await the arrival of your MEsquad Kids glasses.
  • Upon receiving the glasses, follow the assembly instructions carefully.
  • Attach the hinges first, ensuring they are secure and flush with the front frame.
  • Proceed to attach the arms, one at a time, and add the desired charms and accessories.

Choosing the perfect pair of MEsquad Kids glasses is an exciting journey of self-expression for your child. By embracing customization, letting them design their frames, and exploring a wide range of options, you can help your little one find a pair of glasses they'll wear proudly. Remember, their unique style matters, and MEsquad makes it possible for them to have a one-of-a-kind pair of glasses they'll love. So, get ready to embark on this fun and engaging process with your child, and watch their confidence soar with their personalized MEsquad frames!