How To Build MEsquad Frames, A Guide

So, you’re interested in MEsquad Kids glasses? We’ve got dozens of designs for children ages 5-10, and the best part – they can be completely customized to fit anyone’s unique style. We understand that kids want to express themselves in their own one-of-a-kind way, which is exactly what they should do! Because of this, we’ve created BYO, or Built Your Own frames so kids can make their own custom built glasses or sunglasses. They come in 5 parts, meaning there’s 5 different opportunities to pick the colour and design that best suits them.

When designing MEsquad glasses, the first step is to head to the tab Design Your Own under the Shop Glasses menu item. From here you and your child can pick the front of the frame that will be the foundation for the glasses. You start by selecting the shape, and then pick the colour/design. Click Next Tab to move on to the first Hinge. That’s the piece of silicone MEsquad uses to connect the front of the frame to the arms. There are tons of colour options, ranging through the entire rainbow. The Hinges can be used on either side of the frame, so just make sure you pick a colour they’re really going to like. Now you move on to the left arm, or Temple, where you can really start to get creative. Does your child like Army Pink or are they more of a Graffiti kid? The choice is theirs!

Once the left side is done, repeat the same steps for the right. Remember, they have the option of doing a different colour for that Hinge and Temple, so have fun with it. They don’t need to be perfect, they need to be loved by your child.

Now that the frames are built online, and you’ve used the virtual try on tool to ensure a perfect fit, add in their prescription (or select no prescription if you’re just looking for blue-light lenses). Before you check out, be sure to look at all of the accessories as well. We have a wide variety of charms to add some extra bling to the frames, and ear hooks to help keep the glasses in place. Did your kid like more than 2 Temples? There’s also the option to add additional ones, so they can swap them out daily. We also have great insurance to add to your cart during this step too. Our insurance plan is a great way for you to protect your frames and lenses from expensive repairs or replacement of your purchase. It provides you with coverage beyond any manufacturer’s warranty including protection from accidental damage from handling.

After making all your final purchasing decisions, and have placed the order, your MEsquad Kids glasses will be shipped directly to your home. When they arrive, you’ll be ready to assemble.

To build the glasses start with the Hinges. On the inside of each one, it has an L and R engraved, however they can be interchanged to be on either side of the frame. Slide from the top down, it’s ok to be firm with them. Our glasses are nearly indestructible. Once the Hinge is secured, it should be flush with the plastic of the front frame. You can now move on to the arms, which also have an L and R indicator, this is important as the arms face a certain direction. Again sliding them from the top and pushing downwards until it can’t move any more. Do the arms one at a time, and once attached you can add the charms/accessories.

Please see the video below for an example of how to properly install the glasses. It is important to note that the Temples cannot be removed by pulling horizontally. Overtime this will stretch out the silicone, and make the attachment less strong. It is made of memory silicone, so it most cases you can bend it back into shape. If you ever have any questions on how to build your frames, send us a message on our website or social media. We’re always more than happy to do a demonstration.

We hope you and your child are excited about their new MEsquad Kids glasses. To learn how to reset the frames, click this link.  To check us out on Instagram, click this link.