5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs Gamer Glasses

So, you’ve got yourself a gamer? Every family has at least one. Whether they play on a tablet, PC, or gaming system, it requires a lot of concentration. With concentration, comes eye strain. We’re here to help your little one, and give you peace of mind. Here’s five reasons your child needs a pair of Gamer glasses.

  1. Blue Light Blockers

Playing on a screen of any kind subjects your eyes to the blue lights coming from the device, even on Night Mode. These lights, or rays, can be quite harmful to children’s retinas. Having a pair of gaming glasses that come with blue-light filers are a great solution, and gives parents an added sense of relief.

  1. Provides Better Sleep

Most children play on their gaming devices at night, right before bed. This can keep the brain awake longer, and causes restlessness. To help put them to rest easier, we must reduce the harm that’s causing it. With a pair of gaming, blue-light filtering glasses they’ll have less irritation and more mindfulness.

  1. Alleviate Eye Strain

When playing a game, children (and adults) use an intense amount of concentration. When they’re engrossed in the content, they may not realize that they are squinting or stressing their eyes. Let’s face it, gaming takes a lot of commitment and focus. Adding a pair of glasses can help lift some of the stress off of their eyes, and they can even play for longer periods of time as a result!

  1. When You Look Good, You Feel Good

We all know this to be true. Give your child the confidence they need to perform at the highest level. Once they catch their reflection, see how cool they look, they’ll be striving for more in no time!   

  1. No More Cranky Kids!

Too much screen time causes irritability, we’ve all seen it happen. An extended amount of time playing a game, no matter the device, leads to frustration and frankly crankiness. So let us help you by helping your child have better vision.  With this added piece of the puzzle, they’ll surely be in a better mood – on and off their tablet.

There’s no secret formula for being the best gamer, but we’ve come pretty close. Take a look at our vast collection of customizable, nearly-indestructible kids glasses and see for yourself. Got yourself an all-star gamer? Snap a pic and tag us on social media!