The Importance of Blue-light Filtering Lenses

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Our eyes are valuable, the true windows to our souls, and taking care of them is essential. As parents, it is always our goal to give our children the best we can. So we want glasses that will keep our little one's eyes safe when they are spending time on digital screens. We search for eye care that provides our children with safety while offering comfort and excellent clarity when it comes to eye care. At MEsquad, we understand parents' concerns about their child's eyecare, and we offer the best in quality, customer service, and convenience.

 What are blue-light-filtering lenses?

Most parents are very concerned about how much time their children will be spending on digital screens with the pandemic. However, it has become practically unavoidable for our children to live a life without digital screen time. Our children are exposed to such a wonderful world of online learning, games, and information. So naturally, we want our children to spend the time they need in front of digital screens without any adverse effects. We hope that they can play the games they love, attend their online classes, and further their interests without harming their eyes. However, prolonged exposure to digital screens could lead to discomfort, and that's where blue-light filtering glasses come in. Blue light is a high-energy lightwave found in sunlight and digital screens. Today children use their smartphones and tablets far more than during the pre-pandemic period. It isn't uncommon for children to be spending up to or more than three hours a day on their digital devices. All of the exposure to blue light can lead to double vision and dry eyes.

 Although there isn't any evidence that blue light can cause permanent eye damage, reducing your child's exposure can help ease your child's digital eye strain. Blue-light filtering lenses have been recommended by the American Optometric Association, also known as AOA. The association recognizes the importance of preventing blue-light exposure in adults and children. In addition, blue-light filtering lenses can help prevent the adverse effects associated with digital screen time, making it possible for your child to enjoy all the wonder that the digital world has to offer without the discomfort. For this reason, MEsquad offers blue-light lenses that prevent blue light from entering your child's eyes through electronic devices and environmental sources.

Are blue-light glasses necessary for kids?

There are several benefits to blue-light filtering lenses. A pair of these glasses can help your child stay alert and improve your child's memory and mood. Your child's sleep also improves with natural blue light. Blue-light filtering lenses are essential for your child if you care about preventing digital eye strain. Suppose your child shows signs of blurry vision or headaches after being on the computer for an extended period. In that case, you should seriously consider investing in a pair of these very well-designed glasses that allow your child to see everything clearly.

Along with blue-light filtering lenses, you can encourage good eye care habits in your child. These habits also help to prevent digital eye strain. Here are three tips that your child can follow:


  • Blink often to keep the eyes well moisturized.
  • Stick to the 20-20-20 rule. For every twenty minutes your child spends on the digital screen, your child should look twenty feet away for twenty seconds.
  • It is vital to place the computer monitor so that it is right below your child's eyes.

What makes MEsquad stand out?

Although we realize that you, the parent, will be the one paying for the glasses, it will be your child that will be wearing the pair of glasses. Therefore, at MEsquad, we believe that children should have a say in what glasses they wear. We understand that children have different tastes and style requirements than we do. As a result, we offer various funky frames in different colors and shapes, so there is a perfect frame for every child's style. These frames aren't only eye-catching but well-made and highly durable. We make it an exciting experience for your child to get customized glasses while offering the best in children's eyewear. Our kids' glasses are durable and comfortable. Regardless of the requirements of what you and your child might have, we will have the ideal pair of glasses that will suit your child's face, style, and needs.


Do you enjoy shopping online?

We make shopping for glasses online very convenient and satisfactory. You can browse for the ideal pair of glasses for your child by looking at what we have to offer online. We know that parents can be reluctant to shop for their child's glasses because they worry that the glasses won't look right or that their child might not like them. Don't worry about that because we have the solution. You can shop online for your child's glasses without these concerns.

At MEsquad, we make it easy for your child to choose the perfect pair of glasses without leaving the comfort of your home. Our phenomenal services include a virtual-try-on tool where your child can see what the glasses will look like. Your child will have a blast looking at all the glasses we have to offer and trying on several pairs before deciding on the winning pair. This will be a fun activity that will result in your child finding a pair of glasses that won't just look cool but will be functional and beneficial.


Build Your Own Frame

If it's custom glasses you are looking for; we are the answer. On top of excellent customer service and quality, we offer great customizable options. You and your child will design your own glasses because we know that everyone has unique tastes. So design a pair that suits every need and style of your child. We make it easy to create a pair of glasses that are one of a kind, just like your child.

Your child will be filled with pride and confidence while wearing a pair of glasses that have been specifically created. By choosing our custom glasses, you give your child the best in eye care based on your child's individual needs. These custom glasses are made with the best care and quality, providing you with complete peace of mind knowing that you have given your child the absolute best.

Our blue light filtering glasses

If you believe that your child requires help with their vision while playing games or spending time on digital screens, blue-light glasses are an incredible option since they can lower the blue light entering the retina. Keep your child's eyes safe with our blue-light glasses while providing great comfort and impeccable vision. Make the right choice in kids' eyecare by choosing a pair of glasses made by MEsquad. Your child will feel the difference and see it, too.