MEsquad is a revolutionary company that gives kids the power to design their own glasses- and parents peace of mind. MEsquad was founded by Mauro and Katherine Giovannone, with one simple idea - give kids more say over what they wear, starting with their glasses. We spoke to hundreds of families and discovered just how dissatisfied children and parents were with the overall experience. From this, MEsquad was born!

We created MEsquad because we believe in the power of playfulness and creativity in helping children grow into confident, capable individuals. With our innovative, patent-pending hinge, kids get the chance to design their frames using no tools, allowing kids to truly express themselves.  Wearing glasses has never been more fun for kids, or easier.  The frames are water-proof, school-proof and ball-in-the face proof.  They are so tough, that even superheroes can wear them.

Our Values


Creativity is a priceless skill to have in today’s world, and something that should be encouraged in our children at every opportunity. It goes beyond school curriculums and after-school activities – opportunities to create are all around us. We believe every chance to make something is an opportunity to grow and learn – not just for children but for parents too.


It’s tempting as a parent to try to mold our children into versions of ourselves, but in doing so we can end up stifling our children’s autonomy and creativity. Instead, children should be empowered to discover who they are and decide for themselves how they choose to express their personality to the world.


Being open to new experiences and ideas is how we grow as people. Being open means letting parents make choices without fear of judgment, and letting our children be creative without fear of making the wrong choice. When we are open to experimentation and exploration, great things tend to happen.