Your Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist

From Eyewear to Fall Fashion

Back-to-School season is back, and preparing your kids for the academic year is paramount. Beyond the traditional school supplies, ensuring their overall well-being, including their eye and dental health, is essential. In this comprehensive back-to-school checklist, we will cover all the bases, from checking your kids' eyes and teeth to selecting durable kids' glasses with photochromic lenses to avoid constant switching between pairs. Additionally, we'll explore non-eyewear essentials such as fall clothes, backpacks, shoes, and lunch supplies, ensuring your kids have everything they need for a successful and stylish start to the school year.

Prioritize Eye and Dental Health: Begin your back-to-school preparations by scheduling comprehensive eye and dental checkups for your kids. A thorough eye examination is crucial for identifying any vision problems that may hinder their learning experience, as most learning is done through the eyes.  

To optimize their classroom experience, consider photochromic lenses for your kid's glasses. These lenses seamlessly adjust to varying light conditions, eliminating the need to switch between prescription glasses and sunglasses. With photochromic lenses, your kids can focus on their studies without the hassle of constantly changing their eyewear (or losing them_

Choose Durable and Stylish Glasses: Considering their active lifestyle, it is essential to select durable glasses for kids. Look for frames made from robust materials such as acetate or TR-90 (that's us!!), which can withstand rough handling and playful activities. Durable glasses ensure that your investment in their eyewear lasts throughout the school year.

While prioritizing durability, don't compromise on style. Involve your kids in the selection process, choosing frames that complement their personalities and preferences. Whether they prefer bold colors or classic designs, various kids' glasses options are available to suit their individual styles. Visit our Build your own page, where kids can decide all the options.

Comfort is equally important, so ensure that the frames fit securely without being too tight. Which pair will work best? Try our virtual-try-on tool, or purchase a fully refundable try-at-home kit.

Fall Clothes and Jackets: As the weather cools, ensure your kids are prepared with fall-appropriate clothing. Stock up on long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and light jackets that they can easily layer for warmth. Choose comfortable, breathable fabrics to keep them cozy and comfortable during their daily activities.

Knapsack and School Supplies: A reliable and spacious knapsack is essential for carrying books, notebooks, and other school essentials. Look for a durable backpack with padded shoulder straps to provide ample support and comfort for your child.

Gather all the necessary school supplies, including notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, folders, and organizers. Keep everything neat and organized to help your kids stay on their studies.

Indoor and Outdoor Shoes: Your kids need comfortable and supportive shoes during a busy school day. Invest in a pair of durable indoor shoes for the classroom and a sturdy pair of outdoor shoes for physical education and outdoor activities. Proper footwear is essential for their safety and well-being while at school.

Lunch Stuff and Water Bottle: Pack your kids' lunches carefully and invest in lunch boxes that keep food fresh and prevent spills. Include nutritious snacks and a reusable water bottle to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

With this comprehensive back-to-school checklist, your kids will be ready to take on the new academic year with confidence and style. Prioritizing eye and dental health, choosing durable and stylish kids' glasses with photochromic lenses, and ensuring they have all the necessary school supplies and fall clothes will set the stage for a successful and enjoyable school experience. Complete their back-to-school preparations with comfortable footwear and a well-packed lunchbox, and watch them soar into the new school year.