Replacing Your Children’s Glasses

Let’s face it, accidents happen. With kids in the house, accidents happen a lot. That’s okay, we’ve come prepared. No crying over spilt milk here! At MEsquad, we know that kids can get into all sorts of messes which is why we’ve designed nearly-indestructible glasses. After watching kid’s glasses break time after time, we created memory-silicone connectors and super-strong plastic frames to withstand anything your child throws it’s way. Or better yet, any way your child throws it. 

After owning your MEsquad Kids glasses for a while, they may face some wear and tear (like any glasses do). Most of the time the hinges can be re-bent back into shape, easy-peasy. On the other hand, your child may have decided that they’ve outgrown their chosen pattern or colour scheme. This is where our interchangeable parts come in handy. With an easy pop of the hinge, the frames can be adjusted with a new set of arms. Similarly, if the arms and hinges are in perfect condition but their prescription has changed, just the front can be swapped out instead. We have a tutorial on how to do this, which can be found at the link here.  

Another fun aspect if purchasing MEsquad Kids glasses is when you’re adding the frames to the cart, you can add additional pieces at any time. Just head to the Shop Accessories tab, and click either Hinges (the connectors) or Temples (the arms). Our recommendation is to purchase two pairs for the right side, and two for the left side, just to be safe.

So no matter what situation you find yourself in, we’ve got an easy solution. Have a question about the condition of your MEsquad Kids glasses? Shoot us a message!